Tactical Barbell: Definitive Strength Training for the Operational Athlete (Volume 1)

Operational athletes are a unique breed. You need to physically perform at an extraordinarily high level in stressful situations. Often in dangerous or unstable environments. As a SWAT operator, combat-arms soldier…
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Tactical Barbell 2: Conditioning (Volume 2)

You have something very valuable in your hands. A lifetime’s worth of training knowledge, drawn from the world’s most extreme arenas. Lessons learned and best practices from military operators, tactical law enforcement, combat athletes, and others that rely on their…
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Tactical Barbell: Physical Preparation For Law Enforcement

What’s the best way to train for the academy? How about the entry level fitness test? Do you lift weights? Do calisthenics? Long distance runs or sprints? Maybe you can’t perform a single pull-up and just getting off the couch seems like a daunting task…
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Tactical Barbell Presents: Ageless Athlete

K. Black’s Tactical Barbell and Tactical Barbell II compose a ground breaking multi-dimensional fitness system designed specifically for operational athletes. Not only has the Tactical Barbell system helped countless operational athletes step up their strength and conditioning game…
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