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In PART I we discussed the potential of Fobbit Intervals, along with an example of how one reader combined Fobbits with maximal-strength work. Let's look into a couple more modifications. FOBBIT MOD#2 - SE FOBBIT Operational athletes are always looking for convenient...

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FOBBITS: The Answer to Everything – Part I

As a Tactical Barbell reader you're probably familiar with FOBBIT Intervals. No doubt you think of them as a nice little indoor alternative when your regularly scheduled HIC gets called on account of rain. But I can guarantee you're underestimating just how versatile...

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Online Coaching/Program Design

I'm pleased to announce we now offer online coaching and custom program design on a limited basis. Package 1 Custom Program Design The Custom Program package includes all of the following: Personal Base Building Template Personal Continuation Protocol...

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