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Tactical athletes are a unique breed. You need to physically operate at a high level, in some of the world’s most stressful environments. Elite strength and conditioning are NOT optional. Learn how to take your abilities to an extraordinary level.

The Tactical Barbell strength and conditioning system was created by former soldiers, paras, and Hostage Rescue Team members. TB was designed for the operational arena, but is suitable for general training enthusiasts, serious athletes, and anyone that needs professional, performance-oriented strength and conditioning.

Your training time is precious. Unlike other athletes, you can’t afford to specialize. If you’re ready to gain raw useable strength and elite levels of conditioning, Tactical Barbell is for you.

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Tactical Barbell is a comprehensive strength and conditioning system designed to take multi-skilled athletes from ground zero to elite, in an intelligent, progressive fashion. The bulk of our clients are military, tactical law enforcement, emergency services, and serious recreational athletes. Tactical Barbell is for anyone that requires a professional level of competence in more than one fitness domain.

Our program consists of two foundational books. One for strength, and one for conditioning. TBI: Definitive Strength Training for the Operational Athlete and TBII: Conditioning. They can be used together or apart.

When used together, you’ll have access to the complete Tactical Barbell strength and conditioning system, which can be implemented for a lifetime. It is template/protocol/principle based, NOT cookie-cutter, which allows for enough variation within its boundaries to provide an infinite amount of training material.

The books can also be used separately. If you’re satisfied with your current strength training, but need a complementary conditioning program, then TB Conditioning can be used and fully integrated with your existing strength plan. And vice versa with our strength book.

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Zulu template Firefighter

Zulu-Template for the Tactical Athlete

Most operational athletes function best with training split 50/50 between strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Neglecting maximal-strength and strength-endurance can lead to problems, with things like loadbearing and general resiliency. Think Breachers, carrying around their tools and … [Read More...]

Apex Hill Sprints

Conquering Apex: How to Progress

 by Jim Madden Since TB2 was released in the summer of 2015, Apex Hill Sprints have become an obsession for many of us. By now most of you reading this article are probably familiar with this gem. For those of you new to TB, Apex is a coupling of hill sprints and kettlebell swings. It’s a match … [Read More...]